In-Person & Virtual Training Events 

SITECH Northland Trimble Certified Training will feature a mix of in-person and live stream hardware and software training workshops in 2022. This format provides alternative options making it easier for everyone to attend the training they desire without disrupting schedules.

All live stream training events and Power Hours will be free of cost.

Similar to last year, as 2022 training occurs, the virtual sessions will be recorded and made available to customers here. Access recorded training videos.

Site Technology Course Descriptions

Site Setup Basics:

This course will demonstrate how to set up a GPS site from start to finish using SIteworks, Trimble’s site positioning system. We will cover loading design files, setting up the equipment, and site calibration.

Recommended attendees: Field personnel responsible for GPS site setup and basic SPS functions.

Siteworks Basics & Advanced:

This course will cover the basic features and functions of the new Trimble Siteworks rover software, including site setup, calibration, measurement, and stakeout. This course will also cover the advanced functions of Siteworks with an emphasis on advanced staking, design building in the field, and Advanced Measurement module functions. Recommended attendees: Beginner and Advanced field personnel who conduct site layout.


Operational training for Trimble’s next generation machine control platform, Trimble Earthworks. In this course we will cover everything from loading files to system operation. Recommended attendees: Machine operators using Trimble Earthworks Machine Control Technology.

Universal Total Station (UTS):

Instruction on the daily setup, calibration, and basic functions of Trimble Universal Total Station with an introduction to UTS uses in Machine Control. Recommended attendees: Field personnel who use UTS on site.

Intelligent Compaction:

Overview of the process for setting up a job requiring the use of Intelligent Compaction (IC) technology. In this course, everything from preparing site files, connecting to the VRS network, file synchronization and management, and daily check-in of IC equipped machines, will be covered. Recommended Attendees: GPS Champions and field personnel assisting with the set up and supervision of Intelligent Compaction paving operations.

Rover Design and Calculation Exercises:

This course will be entirely hands-on, allowing the Rover operator to connect to our Base Station and work through a series of tasks. Tasks covered in this session will include the following: creating a 3D Linework design and exporting to Trimble Machine Control; creating a building pad surface model and exporting to Trimble Machine Control; performing a basement excavation volume calculation and exporting to a PDF report; and performing an original grade topography to compare to a finish grade design. Self-guided design build. GPS or UTS.

Site Technology – POWER HOURS

Earthworks Infield Design:

See the step-by-step process for creating an infield design using the Trimble Earthworks machine control software.

Siteworks Staking:

Learn how to stake a Catch Point, Side Slope, and more in this in-depth look into Siteworks staking methods.

Siteworks COGO/Creating Surface as a Design:

Use point, linework data, and more in the field to create a finished design which can be used in the Trimble Rover or Machine Control systems.

Siteworks Volume Calculation:

Learn to calculate material volumes compared to a finish design surface or a specified elevation, while accounting for expansion or compaction in this in-depth look into Siteworks Volume Calculations. *Also learn about the new PDF export function directly from Siteworks for a professional volume report in the field!

Trimble Business Center to Trimble Rover & Machine Control:

Understand the workflow from the office to the field with this session on exporting files from Trimble Business Center to the Rover and Machine control systems.


TBC Course Descriptions

Business Center Basics:

Learn how to navigate in TBC. Users will also learn how to import, manage layers, create simple template, and export files for machine or rovers. Recommended Attendees: Users who are new to TBC. Must have Trimble Business Center version 5.6 or higher installed on computer. Maximum of 12 attendees.

Business Center Takeoff:

Use TBC to perform quantity takeoffs by building a 3D model. Users will learn how to build original ground and finished ground models, manage site improvements, and run takeoff reports. Recommended Attendees: New Users who have attended TBC Basics and current users of TBC. Must have Trimble Business Center version 5.6 or higher installed on computer. Maximum of 12 attendees.

Business Center Data Prep:

Use TBC to prepare data, build models, and export to Trimble GPS equipment. Users will learn how to build their 3D models, create surfaces for field use. Recommended Attendees: New users who have attended Basics and Takeoff classes and current users. Must have Trimble Business Center version 5.6 or higher installed on computer. Maximum of 12 attendees.




Learn how to create projects in WorksManager and export design files from Trimble Business Center to your WorksManager project.