Software Date for Trimble Earthworks Version 2.12

Trimble recommends that the 'Software Maintenance Until date' is confirmed on the machine before commencing the system upgrade to ensure continued software functionality. The system's 'Software Maintenance Until date' can be found in the 'Web' interface under the 'Licenses' section. 'The Software Maintenance Until date' will need to fall after the designated Software Date for the upgradable version. This will affect the update in which the system can go to. In other words, you will only be able to update to the newest version that was out during the most recent Software warranty period. 




Adding name and description to Zsnaps

Trimble Earthworks 2.12 introduces the ability to add name and description to System Snapshots (Zsnaps). This can be useful for sorting and documentation purposes when performing system troubleshooting. Names and descriptions can be added when taking Zsnaps from either the Operator or Web User Interface (UI). 

Cloud Services Page

As of this update, the section of the WebUI previously named “Connectivity” is now labeled “Network”. Under this Network section, there is a new page called “Cloud Services”. This page combines the information in the previous Connected Community and Cloud Services pages.  

The connection process for WorksManager will still be the same. When adding it, the top dropdown option will say “Trimble Construction Cloud”. Everything after that will be the same as seen in previous updates. 


Dozer Sensor Correction Check

Trimble Earthworks 2.12 enables, for all Active Body IMU Dozers, the sensor correction check. The check is performed by taking five (5) accelerometer bias measurements on a slope greater than 10%. If a slope that meets this criteria is not readily available, a dirt pile can be used to acquire the pitch and roll measurements required by the correction routine. 

A sensor correction check is recommended in the following scenarios: 

  • On a new install 
  • After every 1000 hours of operation 
  • If there is a pass matching issue and the blade corrects when the machine becomes stationary 

The sensor correction check is performed in the Web Interface and is not an operator accessible function.