LOADRITE C2880 Belt Scales for Fixed Plant

Increase the profitability of your operations and monitor quarry performance, productivity and stockpile inventory with Trimble LOADRITE fixed plant conveyor belt scales.Announcement: Trimble has entered into a definitive agreement to sell  LOADRITE to an affiliate of The Jordan Company (“TJC”), Precisional LLC

Multiple conveyors processing material

Features and Benefits

Accurate Production Measurement

Accurate to within ±1% margin of error using a single idler (subject to mechanical, installation and calibration conditions).

Multiple Scale Inputs

Up to four conveyor weighing (physical and/or virtual) per integrator.

InsightHQ Dashboards and Reporting

Wide Range of Applications

Trimble belt scales are deployed at thousands of sites around the world - including quarrying, mining, power generation, transportation, agriculture and more.

(Optional) LCI: Real-time Production Dashboard

Real-time plant production data to optimize performance, report production for the quarry manager and track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for performance improvement projects.

How It Works

Conveyor belt with C-Series components diagram
  1. The integrator is the processing engine that converts signals from the load cells and speed wheel into weighing data.
  2. The speed sensor provides data to calculate belt speed, flow rate and total weight.
  3. Scale assembly measures vertical forces for an accurate weight signal to the integrator. 

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