Adding a Machine to WorksManager

1. Start by opening WorksManager and logging in
2. Go under the Devices tab and tap the blue Add button in the top right corner




3. Verify the Device type whether it is a Tablet, EC520, EC520-W, or CB460 and change the Device Model as needed.
4. See the Machine EC520 Serial Number and enter in exactly how it is displayed on the machines screen
5. Duplicate the device name exactly as the Device Model and Serial Number (Example: EC520-0000J000YU)
6. Make a description for that machine or tablet to be recognizable
7. Enter in a password (Example: GPS)




8. Tap Add when the information has been entered and double checked


Machine Inputs

1. Open the Web Interface
2. Sign in using the login information below:
Username: Admin
Password: Sitech#1
3. Click the Connectivity or Network tab depending on the firmware of the machine



4. Click the padlock in the bottom right. Then a popup will appear, tap Send Message to edit the information.
5. Enter the Short Organization Name for the machine (This can be found in your WorksManager account under details


6. Then enter the Password that was used when the machine was created in WorksManager
7. Tap Save to confirm the settings
8. In WorksManager find the machine under the Devices tab and tap the Recheck button to confirm the connection between the machine and WorksManager.