Cat® GB124 SMART Attachment

Cat SMART Grader Blades

Three new Cat SMART attachments, the Dozer Blade, Grader Blade, and Backhoe, are designed to add significant versatility to a range of D3 Series Cat Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Track Loaders, and Multi Terrain Loaders. The control systems for the new attachments allow easy adaptation to the machine’s standard controls to precisely match the recognized SMART Attachments’ control needs.

Cat SMART Grader Blades offer a multi-purpose solution for grading dirt, gravel, sand and virtually any other material used as a base. The independent suspended blade allows for superior grading for angles to windrow material, as well as achieve a grade on mainfall and cross slope.

This Attachment can be equipped with:

  • Laser Referencing Systems
  • 3D GPS
  • Total Station
  • Sonics

Watch the Benefits of the Cat SMART Grader Blade!