Software Maintenance 

With the release of Trimble Earthworks version 2.11, customers will be required to have a valid “Software Maintenance Until” date in order to upgrade. If the “Software Maintenance Until” date is not valid for the release they are upgrading to, customers may purchase a software maintenance extension below to lengthen this support. 

This only applies to Earthworks systems that are 5 years old or older since the standard warranty has ended. For more info on this please contact your SITECH Northland Sales Specialist. 


Network Diagnostics 

Two new icons have been added to the status bar in Trimble Earthworks 2.11 which give insight to: 

  • Radio connectivity as reported by the radio 
  • Connectivity to enabled cloud services 

Pressing either icon will take users to the new Network page, where information such as Gateway Device Status, Connection, and Cloud Services can be viewed.

Operator User Interface (UI) messaging 

Trimble Earthworks 2.11 includes improved operator User Interface (UI) messaging. Messages are now simplified into one of three types with less intrusive styling. In addition, a Message Center has been added to display all currently active messages. 

The three types of messages are: 

  • Notifications 
    • Shown briefly (3-6 seconds) as confirmation that some action is complete 
    • Operator does not have to acknowledge but can close if desired 
    • More messages are now notifications which helps to minimize intrusiveness of the messaging 
  • Prompts 
    • Messages that do not dismiss automatically 
    • Operator must either: 
      • Wait for the prompt to resolve, or 
      • Interact with the action buttons to acknowledge/dismiss 
    • Used when the operator has to make a choice or there is a foreground process 
  • Alarms 
    • Full screen message that must be acknowledged 
    • Used for major issues that stop the system from functioning