Earthworks Version 2.14 Release

Trimble announced the release of Earthworks 2.14. If you have any questions about compatibility with your machines, contact your SITECH Northland sales representative, or for assistance with installing and applying a firmware update, reach out to the Ziegler Technology Support team.

What's New:

Worksmanager Sync Improvements:

  • Trimble Earthworks 2.14 improves the data transfer between Worksmanager and the machines. It now publishes projects and designs to the machines in real-time without requiring a manual sync with the Connected Community. (This applies only to data from the office TO the machine.)

GNSS Precision Updates 

  • The GNSS precisions have been updated to now allow the use of the machine's automatics while working in "Coarse Mode." While running the machine in coarse mode, you will now be able to use automatics up until the reported GNSS precision is less than 0.100m (~0.32usft).