GCS900 13.19

Trimble Civil Construction announces the release of Trimble ® GCS900 Grade Control System and Cat ® AccuGrade™ V13.19. This software version provides additional features to the GCS900 platform plus a consolidated release of select custom software releases (CRT release builds) that have addressed many regional needs or specific machine type enhancements in between major software version releases



System improvements include:  

  • Changes to the software and/or hardware to enhance existing features – improvements  
  • Changes to the software and/or hardware to correct known issues – fixes 


All Machines 

  • No GNSS Data (Right) error message repeating  
  • An issue was reported where a dual-GNSS system showed frequent error messages, which limited autos performance. This issue occurred on systems using Trimble MS995 GNSS Smart Antennas with firmware V5.45. This issue has been resolved.  
  • Improved recovery from laser plane obstruction 
  • An issue was reported in versions 13.17/13.18 where the system took longer to reacquire the laser after an obstruction in the laser plane. This has been corrected. 



  • Inaccurate Autos performance on steep downhill with cab-mounted GNSS 
  • An issue was reported in v13.17 where a Cat dozer with cab-mounted GNSS receivers experienced inaccurate auto performance while descending steeply. This issue has been resolved.