Siteworks 1.42

Cross Section Display for Design Surfaces:  

Siteworks v1.42 adds the ability to visualize cross sections of non-corridor template surface data. Now it is possible to visualize a cross section of the currently loaded primary design surface from both VCL and TTM design files. The Roading Module or a corridor template surface from a .PRO or in a .VCL is not necessary. It is not possible to visualize a cross section of the secondary design or current Work Order’s measured surface.  

The orientation of the cross-section display has several options. If a reference line or alignment is selected the cross section will be oriented perpendicular to the reference line at the user’s current station along the reference line. The horizontal location of the reference line is indicated by a vertical red line on the cross section. While using an alignment as the selected reference line, the surface cross section will only be displayed for valid reference stations. If the user goes beyond the end of the alignment, Siteworks will stop displaying a cross section. To see cross sections beyond the end of an alignment either de-select the alignment as the reference line, or choose a line as the reference line. Siteworks will project a location beyond the end of a line, but not an alignment. 

If no reference line or alignment is selected then the cross section will be oriented perpendicular to the travel direction of the positioning device. If a SPS986 with Tilt-Compensation is being used the cross section will be oriented perpendicular to the receiver's heading. Rotating the SPS986 will allow for rotating the cross section. For users who do not have a Tilt-Compensation enabled receiver and wish to examine the cross section in various orientations, unselect any reference lines and then travel in the direction perpendicular to the desired orientation of the cross section. 

Option to Set Decimal Place Precision Display for Info Bar and Info: 

Panel A new “Settings” tab has been added in the Configure Information Bar/Panel screen to allow setting the number of decimal places displayed in the Info Bar and Info Panel. 

New Option to Specify the Decimal Delimiter in Style Guides: 

A new option in the Style Guide Definition for the “Point file decimal delimiter” has been added that allows for the selection of a period or comma as the decimal place delimiter in exported and imported data when using a style guide. 

VRS/Internet Correction Settings Now Saved at Project Level:  

The behavior for stored Internet correction settings when setting up a rover has been modified so that settings are now saved on a per-Project basis. This will now use the individual Project’s VRS/Internet correction settings each time a project is opened and a rover configured in that Project. After creating/opening a Project and configuring the VRS/Internet settings during a rover setup, the specific settings used in that Project will be saved at both Project and AllSites levels. Then every time that Project is opened and a rover setup is performed, the last used VRS settings for that Project will be pre-populated in the setup parameters. For Projects that have not had a VRS/Internet rover setup configured, Siteworks will use the VRS/Internet settings from the last opened Project. 

Note that you must go through the rover configuration in each Project to ensure that the settings for that specific Project are applied. For example, if you have Project A open and configure a rover, and then switch to Project B without doing another rover setup, Project B will still be using Project A’s VRS/Internet settings. Therefore, after opening Project B you would need to complete another rover setup, whereby Project B’s last used VRS settings will be pre-filled with Project B’s settings in the rover setup.