3D Linework Design (Tiling)

  1. Complete a site calibration
  2. Start on a fresh Work Order, and no design needed (Use a design if you have one)
  3. Create a point at your inlet point (Start Point) and name it Inlet
  4. Walk to the location you want your outlet and mark a point and name it Outlet (Don’t worry about Elevation)
  5. Next Go to the Menu in the top left and select COGO Create Points/Arcs
  6. Look for Point at Bearing & Distance and select it so it is highlighted yellow
  7. Select your Inlet point for the Origin Point and hit accept to move on
  8. Next select your Outlet point so it creates a red line on your screen
  9. The Information on the right side shows the correct deflection angle and distance you
  10. In the Vertical offset section hit the drop don bar and change it to Slope% and enter -2 in the box and select Accept in the bottom right
  11. This will create a new point at the deflection angle, distance, and new Name this point Outlet1
  12. Select Accept when done
  13. Now connect Inlet to Outlet1 using the Create Line/Boundary
  14. Line Type should be Breakline and Name the line Tile Click Accept when done and hit the X button in the top left
  15. To save this deign click the menu in the top left and go to Data Management section and select Surface as Design
  16. Go to the project setup and select the new Tile Line design that was just created