Trimble® Earthworks v2.4 Firmware Update

  • "Measured Data" is replacing the “Work Order” terminology in Earthworks.
    Measured Data feature highlighted in Trimble® Earthworks
  • Earthworks now contains interactive sliders for adjusting offset values both horizontally and vertically.
    Trimble® Earthworks Horizontal Interactive Sliders      Trimble® Earthworks Vertical Interactive Sliders
  • Access “Plan View” in the Point Manager Screen to easily select the correct point(s) the first time.
    "Plain View" in the Point Manager Screen
  • Select 3D Lines from the Horizontal Guidance menu when using 3D Lines Design.
    Select 3D Lines Design in Horizontal Guidance

Also included in this update is the option for operators to define the direction of travel on Single 3D machines that report no Forward Neutral Reverse.

Earthworks is now available for Soil Compactors!

  • Earthworks working in a Soil CompactorCompact surface material to target pass count information and record the compaction measurement value (CMV), plus monitor material volumes placement for the project via WorkOS integration
  • Soil and subsurface material compaction measurement for single smooth drum and pad foot rollers.
  • Achieve increased durability, stability and load-bearing capacity, enhancing the constructed surface lifespan.