Using Your R750 as a Repeater

1). Tap the Enter button to bring the up menu on the R750 



2). Tap the Enter button to go into the “System Setup” menu



3). Change the Mode to “Radio” 



4). Tap the Esc button to return to the main menu, and then scroll down to “Radio” and press the Enter button



5). Change the Mode to “Repeater 1” (if using multiple repeaters, set the closest repeater to your base station as Repeater 1, and change the next furthest repeater to Repeater 2, etc.). Within this same menu, you will be able to change the radio network to match the same frequency that your base station is transmitting on.

6). Once you have made those changes, scroll back up to the top of the Radio menu and change the Apply to “Yes” and tap the enter button.



7). The final step to complete the Repeater setup is the scroll to “Output” in the Main Menu. Change the CMR to “CMRx” and then change Apply to “Yes” and press Enter.



8). Tap the Esc button to return to the home screen, and your R750 should now be set to the Repeater mode.