The following steps will explain how to establish a local base position after calibrating a site using VRS (virtual reference station). RTK (real time kinematic) c orrections are provided by MNCORS or the Iowa Real Time Network in Minnesota and Iowa respectively. This help sheet assumes that you are familiar with the standard site calibration process using a local base.

The site calibration process using a local base is identical to the process using VRS. The primary difference is that the local base sends corrections via 900 Mhz radio signal and VRS corrections are sent and received through an active data plan or Wi-Fi connection. If you are not familiar with how to perform a site calibration or access VRS corrections, please contact your regional SITECH Northland representative.


VRS Site Calibration to Local Base Workflow - Step by Step

  1. Set up your permanent base post in the ground in a secure location with open sky around it.
  2. Open Siteworks and the Project you intend to calibrate.
  3. Connect your rover to VRS corrections using the Receiver Setup window in Siteworks(Reference the VRS Connection Help sheet).
  4. Complete your site calibration by occupying 3 or more control points which encompass the site.
  5. Once all of your control points have been measured, select Finish to save the finished calibration.
  6. In order to establish the permanent base post as a control point we must measure t he bolt on thepermanent base post as a control point.
  7. Unscrew the rover receiver from the range pole and from the quick release if applicable.
  8. Screw the rover receiver onto the bolt on the permanent base post until it is fully seated down ontothe bolt.(You may have to remove and replace the rover receiver antenna to perform this step)
  9. Select the main menu    and select Measure Control Point under the Measure tab.
  10. Once selected it will bring you back to the main design screen.
  11. Tap the blue plus button in the bottom right corner to measure the control point for your local base location.
  12. Name the control point something that is specific to the site, try to avoid using “Base”. (i.e. CostcoBase) Tap Accept once named.
  13. A new screen will appear. Change the measure method to bottom of antenna, the vertical height to 0, and the minimum measure time to 60 seconds. Tap START to begin measuring.
  14. After 60 seconds the local base control point will be measured and saved to the project.
  15. You will now be able to set your local base antenna on the permanent base bolt because it is now a Control Point.
  16. When setting up your local base in the Receiver Setup window in Siteworks make sure you select Control Point under the Base Position dropdown. You will now have a control point named “CostcoBase” which will be the control point you will want to select to setup your base location.