Windows 11 Update

On October 5th, 2021 Microsoft® made available a new version of the Windows® operating system, Windows 11. While it may be possible for you to immediately update your field data collectors to Windows 11, SITECH Northland does not advise upgrading until we can test and ensure compatibility with our solutions. Although early indications have reported no issues after performing the Windows 11 update on field data collectors, more testing is still needed to be sure. Additional information will be provided in the coming months on which data collectors will support Windows 11. Until such time, we recommend not applying a Windows 10 to Windows 11 upgrade via Windows Update or any other method. If you do so choose to update to Windows 11 or find that your field data collector is already running on Windows 11, please contact your regional SITECH Northland Product Specialist to share your experience or to ask any questions you may have about the update.

TSC5 Operating System Firmware Update