Work Order Organization

Organization in the field and office is key for efficiency and success. By organizing work orders in the field, it will be quicker for people in the office to understand the data, enabling them to make changes or create designs more efficiently. Separating the field data into different work orders, such as original ground topo or finish grade topo, will make it easier for the office to identify the data within each work order. This approach will also facilitate better understanding for individuals using handheld devices when accessing a specific work order. Organization methods may vary from one company to another, so identifying a uniform method for everyone within your organization can significantly expedite workflow. Below, you'll find some potential organization methods:


  • Separating data by what it is (manholes, gate valves, curb line, any type of topo, etc) 
  • Separating it in large groups (Utilities, Staking, Calibration) 
  • Making a new Work Order each day and putting an assortment of info on it


The more descriptive you are with the Work Orders, the easier it can be for someone else to continue using it or start a new one. The Instructions Box can be helpful to say what should go in that Work Order. This can be edited when a new Work Order is created. (See Picture Below)



If you have any questions on Work Order Organization please reach out to your Technology Sales or Product Specialist. Contacts can be found on the “Contact Us” page.